Hosmart Wireless Intercom System for Home or Office
30 + years of wireless intercom home system technology produced by our leading factory.
Long Range and Multi-Channel
Individually Function and Easy Using
Generic 3-Channel Wireless Intercom System
CALL button to call/page all stations at once, one to one or one to all stations communication
No installation required, FM 462 MHz wireless operation
Press and Hold the Channel Button until you hear a beep tone sounds and Button LED lights
TekeyBox Wireless Intercom System
Long Range and Multi-Channel
Individually Function and Easing Using
Voice Crystal Clear and Secure Digital Communication

Best intercom systems

I do not know if you remember, but there was a time when only rich people afforded intercom systems in their homes. You would see a big mansion in movies, and someone would be able to talk to another person located in a different part of the house just by pushing a button on the wall. It was pretty cool, and we all wanted to have one just so that we would not get right up when someone called you from downstairs or answering the door. Today, an intercom system is very cheap thanks to the advancement of technology, but do people still use it?

The answer is yes. In fact, a lot of homes and offices use an intercom system for various reasons. Not only that it is still used, but it has known advancement as well. New features are available, and as you can imagine, most intercom systems today are wireless. All smart homes need to have one.

The benefits of an intercom system

Apart from being cool and enabling some of us who are just plain too lazy to get up unless we absolutely have to, an intercom system has some real benefits. People use it for more practical reasons like accessibility and security. It has plenty of useful applications. Here are some of its benefits.

  • It improves security in a home – while you may think that cameras are what security has best to offer, an intercom system raises the bar a little. Since the system is designed to create a connection between the outside and the inside of the home through speakers and microphones, you do not have to grant access to anyone who rings the bell. You are being notified that someone is at the door, but since you can speak to that person via the intercom system, you can know exactly what you are dealing with. This may not apply to you directly, but this can save a life when we are talking about children or senior citizens. A camera can also help, which is why an intercom system generally compliments a CCTV system. The point is that if you do not want to open the door to someone, you can make that decision before actually opening
  • It is more comfortable – I know that some of us are just lazy sometimes, and getting up might be the worst thing in any given situation, but you have to admit that an intercom system will provide you with the opportunity of not getting up every single time when there is someone at the door. When you are tired or just sleepy, that opportunity is heavenly.
  • You can keep a close eye on your kids – you may be wondering how an intercom system can achieve that. I did as well, at first. I could not understand. But in reality, it actually makes sense. If your children play outside, an intercom system paired with a few cameras can let you know everything that is going on outside. Whether there are suspicious people lurking around or your kids have gone too far, you know the minute that happens, and you can react. Plus, you can have conversations with your children while they play outdoors, which can give you a lot of peace of mind.
  • Today’s intercom systems are convenient – before all this wireless technology took over the electronics, you needed to have wires from one station to the other. That meant holes in your walls. Today, on the other hand, all you need is a screw in the wall and some batteries. For the same reason, stations are not portable. You can move them from one room to the other however you like. If you want to talk to whoever is at the door from your bed, you can.

What to consider when looking for the best intercom system

Now that you want an intercom system yourself, you need some information on how to buy the best one. It should not be hard as long as you know what you are looking for, but you still need to consider a few things before hitting the buy button. Here is what you should take into consideration.

  • Where you plan to use the intercom system – the reason why this matters is that you need to decide on how many stations you need. In your private home, an intercom system with just 3 stations can suffice. You have one at the door and the other two at both ends of your house, or one upstairs and one downstairs. However, if you plan on installing an intercom system at your office, you may need more stations. Lucky for you, multiple stations per system are available. Plus, several systems can be paired together. It is not that hard.
  • The quality of the transmission – an intercom system uses radio frequencies, which is why it is essential that the communication is clear. You may very well know that interference happens, which is why you need to look for a product with a flawless transmission.
  • Performance – there is no way of telling how an intercom system will perform once you install it, but you should read the specifications before you buy it. Its reviews can be of great help as well.
  • Range – not all intercom systems have the same range, which is why you should know the distance between the two points where your stations will be mounted. Lucky for you, intercom systems are available with multiple range capabilities, and you have where to choose from. Also, keep in mind to maintain a margin of error because range differs when there are obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver. It is the same as with microphones.
  • Sound clarity – transmission and audio clarity are not one and the same, so do not confuse the two. The first one we covered, but the latter refers to static and white noise. You do not need any of that. You need to hear what the other person is saying. Loud and clear.
  • Volume control – some people want volume control to merely adjust just how loud they want to hear the other person speaking. To me, volume control means that I can change the setting to a minimum to not hear at all when I do not want to. For example, maybe I want to sleep in, or I need a nap. I do not want to be disturbed. Hence I set the intercom system to a minimum.
  • Video capabilities – while the intercom system is not as uncommon as it used to be, video intercom systems are. They are still pretty expensive, but if you can afford such a system, I advise you buy it. An intercom system adds some security, so imagine what an intercom system with video capabilities can do to a house’s security.

What are the best intercom systems?

Since you have all the information you need to make the right decision, you should be able to get yourself the best intercom system you want. Just do not forget to read the specs of a product before you buy it. Reading some intercom systems reviews online may also help to assess its performance. Other people who have already purchased the product are able to make that assessment. If you want to go for a sure thing, pick one of the models described below.

Hosmart Wireless Intercom System for Home or Office

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The first product that I think you will find most useful is the one manufactured by Hosmart. In fact, the company produces multiple models, but I found this one to be more than satisfactory. It has an excellent quality-price ratio, and it has enough useful features for you to enjoy.

Starting with range, I can tell you that this intercom system has enough range for an estate. Its signal can be transmitted half a mile, but that is in optimal circumstances. That is if there are no obstacles in the way. Needless to say, this product is more than suitable for a very large house. The 7-channel secure intercom system integrates the latest technology, which makes it incredibly reliable.

As for other features, this intercom system has multiple functions. It features a monitor, talk, VOX, and group call. The monitor functions can run for 10 hours at a time. The transmission and the sound clarity are flawless. The secure digital communication ensures that. It will work perfectly in any environment thanks to its anti-interference signal technology and secret digital channel. The intercom system from Hosmart arrives with three stations.

Generic 3-Channel Wireless Intercom System

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Another product that you may find appealing is the one from Generic. Unlike the previous system, this one arrives with only two stations, so if that is enough for you, I highly recommend it. It may be cheaper than the system from Hosmart, but it can still deliver high-quality features that will make you enjoy it.

The Generic intercom system features a call button to call or page all stations at once. That is if you decide to pair more than two stations with the same system. It also features a one to one or one to all stations communication. There is no installation required, and the operation is wireless. The range can reach 1500 feet, but that is in the line of sight. Adding some obstacles, that distance will shorten, but it is still enough for a large house.

This intercom system is very easy to use. The manual contains all the information you need, and the instructions are unambiguous. The units have direct channel buttons with A/B/C channel group switch so that you can avoid unwanted signals. The package includes the AC adapter, and you need to plug the stations into a wall outlet.

TekeyBox Wireless Intercom System

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Last but not least, the TekeyBox intercom system is yet another product that may pique your interest. It has an impressive range of 1800 feet, although that is in the line of sight. If you consider the obstacles, such as a wall, the range is not as wide. Even so, it is more than suitable for a huge home.

The system allows you to enjoy numerous functions such as monitoring, talk, voice operated exchange, and group call function. It is very similar to the first product I described above. The transmission is pretty good, and the units perform very well in all environments. This can be verified by the many people who have already bought this unit.

One of the things that make this intercom system one of the best is that it can receive support from a power bank. You can plug it in most of the times, but if the circumstances require it, it can run on its own. That makes this device portable, which can prove to be very useful sometimes. The audio quality is unquestionable, and I am sure that if you go for this product, you will enjoy it very much.

My recommendation

No matter which product you end up buying, I am confident that you will use it with pleasure. Nevertheless, if I were you, I would pick the TekeyBox Wireless Intercom System. I know that it is pretty similar to the Hosmart product, but it has the power bank support, and in my opinion, that makes it one of the best intercom systems you can buy.


An intercom system may not be as inaccessible as before, but it sure is useful. I am not saying that just because of the comfort, but some additional security can never hurt. That is why I strongly recommend one of the products above. The feeling of safety is never overrated, and if it can bring you some peace of mind, why not? Click here to buy on Amazon

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